Meet Zune

You shouldn't see this

A near next competitor to the iPod is Zune. This one of Microsoft pet toys. Still not as unique as iPod Classic but is ok.

zune 3 of them

Its comes with up to 30 GB Internal Memory. This means that you can store up to 7,500 songs*, 25,000 Pictures*, or 100 hours of video.

It comes in 4 basic colors - Chocolate Brown, Black, White and Pink. FYI - Careful ordering in Pink there would be slight delay getting it. Hey forget about it check out this store for Zune covers.

It weighs in around 160 grams. Size is 4.4 in. x 2.4 in. x 0.6 in. (h x w x d)

For music you get around 14 hours (wireless off) & up to 13 hours (wireless on) of Battery life. For Videos it comes down to 4 hours and for pictures it also 4 hours.

It comes with a built in FM can also preset around 30 stations.

A 3 inches display is really good. Plus with a Vertical and Horizontal Orientation. Screen resolution is 320 x 240 pixels.

You can play wma, mp3 & aac.

It only supports jpeg format for pictures. FYI - Don't sync with the Zune software, it tends to resize the image download to 640x480 at sync time.

It only supports wmv format but plays it at 30 frames per second.

It comes with an equalizer with 6 different presets.

It has wireless 802.11b/g (11 Mbit/s or 54 Mbit/s) with a range of  up to 30 feet. This wireless feature give you the ability to share from one Zune to another.

For now they are only releasing it in English. The box includes an Earphone, USB Cable and a sleeve.

But even all these features it still depends on you whether you want to buy it or not: Check the video below:

So I will be waiting for Zune v2. It's said to be thinner and better than its predecessors.

Zune v2

iPod Classic, now @ 160GB

iPod Classic

After the release of the iPhone. Its was very obvious that they still had a few tricks up their sleeves.

Now they have release a new kind of iPod, and its name is......iPod Classic.

Done worry it not gonna be like those 80's Show (e.g. Really Vintage Looking iPods).

They are introducing are much upgraded version.

Its capacity goes up to 160GB. It also comes with those cool eye candy effects that came with the iPhone. See Below.



1. Cover Flow - Using the Click Wheel you could scroll through the your album collection

2.  Music - Using the Click Wheel you can browse music details, adjust volume and more...

3.  Movies - See all your favorite movies on a 2.5 inch screen...

4. TV Shows - Watch all your favorite TV shows right on your palm.

5. Podcasts - Listen to as many podcasts you like.

5. Audiobooks - Feel like listening to Harry Potter books or some really good sci-fi novel...

6. Games - Want to put your mind to the test. Then why not play some games.

7. Photo - Store and View nearly 25,000 photos and more.

8. Search - With being able to have 40,000 songs. you definitely need to have a better way to find a song.

9. Extras - You also get calendar, clock and contact features inbuilt.

More Info regarding specs visit Apple.

And as Apple would say it "Hold Everything".

For Latest Prices Check out : eBay | Newegg | Amazon.

For now the iPod Classic is going for around $320 for 160GB & $220 for 80GB.

So rock on....

Cutie Bio

It is how it looks. This little friend is a 2.5 Inch, 100GB Portable Hard Drive with a Biometric Scanner in-built to it. It you are serious about Data Security, then will wanna have on of these. It also uses USB 2.0 Transfer which is quite faster. Plus it automatically parks the head when not in use therefore prevent reduce the damage when dropped or being moved.

Up it now, I haven't heard about SAROTECH until recently. This is one gadget I will definitely go for. Still this is set to release soon. When it does I will let you know.

The estimate cost is around 160.00 USD.

You might want to check out their other products fro their website.

Don't think thats gonna fit in a paper shredder

Recently I can across a gadget that is pretty cool to have on your desk. Its a recycling bin. O.k you might have heard this before but believe me you will want to have this one on your desk top.

Let me introduce to you 'Tempo': (Hey are some concept art for
All you have to do is install a program in your PC/laptop and turn on your WiFi / Bluetooth and whatever you delete to your recycling bin gets copied to the TEMPO. Neat isn't it. Its a 250GB External Hard Drive with Bluetooth (or Wifi) capabilities. Having this on your desk will really look sweet. Theres are series of LEDs that tell you when you have reached your quota. The Company that designed it is Cagnina Design.

PS: Check them up they go really nice design other than gadgets.